Because taxation is money taken from the fruit of an individual's labor, I view taxation as the forcible taking of property.  

Recognizing that even a minimal government requires funding, I understand that some level of taxation is a necessary evil.  Officeholders should work to minimize the necessary amount of funding required in the same way they should seek to reduce government itself to a minimal acceptable level.

By virtue of the fact, that officeholders should be serving the needs and wishes of their constituencies, they should also be attuned to spending taxes in a way that reflects the expectations of the taxpayer, not the expectations of the bureacracy.

And by the way, I believe that property tax is the worst of all the taxes.  How is it that a citizen can work hard and save and scrape to pay off a home or other property, and still not have full rights to it after it is paid off?  Why is it that taxing agencies who use Ad Valorem (property) taxes can still take away your property, even if you have paid it off?  And why can they decide what the value of your property is, then decide how much you will pay in taxes?  I believe that we should find a different means of collecting funds to pay for the operation of cities, counties, schools, and other special districts, but if property tax is the only way, I believe members of those taxing boards should be elected so that voters have some leverage to dispense board members who attempt to overtax property owners.

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