While I am a conservative Christian with all the values and personal beliefs that includes, I do not believe the government has a place in our personal lives.  I believe there is very little need for a federal government.  As a federal officeholder, I will strive to reduce the government as much as possible, putting power back into the states with the goal of pushing that power to the lowest level feasible eventually.  

With that said, I believe the American people must see a return to the representative form of government.  Officeholders should represent the voters who entrusted them to office, not special interest groups, not themselves.  Officeholders should be servants of the voters who elected them, understanding their constituencies and voting in accordance with that understanding.  Conversely, voters should elect representatives who share their values and desires.

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  • Melina Baker
    published this page 2018-05-25 10:01:51 -0500