It's Time to Pass the Baton

As a city councilman, in South Fulton GA, Dr. Baker has already sponsored some of the most progressive legislation in Georgia history. 
As the first to pass many of these articles, he is considered a trailblazer in our region. 
With your help, he can lead the change we need in Congress.

“JUDGE ME BASED ON MY DEEDS” The following pieces of Legislation have ALREADY been sponsored and passed by Dr. Mark Baker.

• Abolished Columbus Day *Georgia 1st

• Cannabis Decriminalization

• $15 Minimum Wage

• Ban the Box

• Activated Development Authority

• Activated Urban Redevelopment Authority

• Resolution regarding long term affects 5G Towers *Georgia 1st

• Juneteenth Holiday

• Breonna Taylor’s Law (Ending “No Knock Warrants”) *Georgia 1st

• Resolution: “#8cantwait”
   – Ban Chokeholds and Strangleholds
   – Require de-escalation
   – Require warning before shooting
   – Requires exhaust all alternatives before shooting
   – Duty to intervene
   – Bans shooting at moving vehicles
   – Require use of force continuum
   – Require comprehensive reporting

• Central Park 5 Legislation (Exonerated 5) Requiring recorded interrogations of juveniles. *Georgia 1st

• Investor Harassment Ordinance

• Crown Act (Ending discriminatory practices in the workplace regarding natural hair)

• Resolution Condemning Domestic Terrorism (The Acts of January 6) *Georgia 1st

• Resolution encouraging the general assembly to adopt the George Floyd Policing Act of 2021 *Georgia 1st

• Resolution regarding race based education in the state of Georgia *Georgia 1st

• Reparations legislation *Georgia 1st

A Brief Introduction

It's Not a Moment; It's a Movement

While we honor those who have served before us…it’s simply time to pass the baton of leadership. District 13 deserves to go faster and further, and Dr. Mark Baker has been active in our community and simply put…he is “trained to go”. 

The Work

Dr. Mark Baker, City of South Fulton Councilman provides a compelling interview and breakdown how racism plays a major role in our society as a whole.

The Progress

South Fulton City Councilman Dr. Mark Baker introduced the ordinance that reduces the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

More Progress

Councilman Baker who sponsored the resolution, says even though South Fulton police has not executed any “no-knock” warrants, he says the council wants to make sure they never do.

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"The Power is in the People and Politics we Address."
~ Tupac Amaru Shakur

6 Points of Progressiveness.

Mark Baker’s plan for policy through progress and empowerment.

A Formal acknowledgement of the 1968 Kerner Report.

Economic Growth and Development

Health and Quality of life amplification through “Quarterly” Job and Health Fairs

Civic engagement, Human rights, and Racial Justice Reform

Education and Youth assistance through targeted programming and partnering with 501c3 organizations.

Modernizing and Modifying our approach to prisons and police reform

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